Shuttle Services


Flexible start and shuttle times allow our customers to paddle at a time of their choice. Friendly, helpful staff, as well as quality boats and gear, help to ensure a safe and enjoyable cruise on the river.

Shuttle Prices

Up to 2 canoes and 4 people. 3 or more boats add $5/boat.
Shuttling Customer’s Boat Add $15/boat.


Upstream from Paisley to:

Brant Elderslie Town Line (currently closed for bridge reconstruction)

Access Point #8

Elmwood Rd. Bridge (10th Conc.)

Access Point #7

Cargill Rd. Bridge (8th Conc)

Access Point #6

Lobies Park Walkerton

Access Point #5

Payment By Visa, Mastercard, Debit, Cash

Saugeen Bluffs 519-353-7206
Lobies Park 519-881-3435
SVCA Headquarters 519-367-3040

Downstream from Paisley to:

Saugeen Bluffs

Access Point #11

4th (Bruce Rd. 40) Turner’s Bridge

Access Point #12

Thede Bridge County Rd. 17

Access Point #13

Duck’s Bridge (Shenk’s Bridge Bruce Rd. 3)

Access Point #14

Denny’s Dam

Access Point #15